Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers who spend their whole life in nourishing their children and lead them to their success…
Mothers is a small word but the meaning hidden inside it is so immense that we all never able to understand it.. It is well that “God can never be everywhere so he send his most important part i.e. MOTHER”.. Mother jisko hum “MAA” bolte hain is the most purest soul on this world bcz she sacrifice all her happiness and only live for her children and husband. Maa is the silent soul who never let anyone peek inside her mind. She cries but alone, she become happy but alone, she dreams but never let anyone to know about it..
It is said that ” Maa ka darza God se bhi upar hota hai ” and it is bcz sometime god aapki baat nahi sunte hain aur na apki wish ko pura karte hain but Maa always listen to u and tries all the possible ways to fulfill your wish and your dream.. Every child is names after his father but no1 never tries to named it after her mother, WHY??
Har Maa ka haq apne bacche par 9 month jyada hota hai bcz she nourishes her child, feed her, share her blood, nutrient and every thing which she take… She bear the pain during which is the worlds most unbearable pain and only The Mother can bear it and after this she get up from the bed as soon as possible from the hospital and apne kaam par lag jati hai along with feeding her child… Itna karne k baad bhi, Why the child not named after her mother??
It is not easy to live a life-like a mother bcz jo working mother hoti hai she takes care her profession, her family, her husbnad and her child and jo housewife hoti hai she takes care her house, all household work, her family, her husband and her child… Happy-Mothers-Day-HD-Wallpapers-01all this she suffers the pain mentally and physically both when she undergoes abortion just bcz of the mistake of her partner and watch her baby dies inside her…
We can be a good children but we can never be a Perfect Children bcz we cannot fulfill what our mothers seeks…
IT IS A SALUTE TO ALL THE MOTHERS IN THIS UNIVERSE WHO ALWAYS STAND IN FRONT OF HER CHILDREN… Thanks to you all bcz aap logo k bina hum aaj jahan par hain voh kabhi mumkin nahi hota… I am not saying ki father ka koi role nahi hota but The Mother is always 9 month ahead of Father…


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