The great writers once said that :-molestation-b-16-3-2013
“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
But according to me “Fear is that part of our body that lies inside us in dormant phase and prevent us from facing this cruel world”.
I don’t know why but today from the birth till the death every single person face his/her fear every day but never got the solusn of removing it from hi/her life…

From the birth every single child becomes afraid as he steps up in his new phase of life just because he never get that freedom of deciding and finding the solution of his problem on his own and finally get dependent on his parents..
Then as he enters in school life his fear grow more stronger than him and becomes hurdle in his success..
Then he enters college life and finally by the time he enters in the real life when his parents will no longer be his backbone he collapses bcz he never got the chance to prove himself..

The fear is more dangerous than getting ill bcz fear is indirectly the main source of every disease as it affects physically, socially and mentally… Even when a boy/girl decide to marry his/her own choice partner at some point their foot get deeply embedded in the earth just bcz they get scare of family and society..
Don’t u all think that instead of making your children weak and dependent on u, making yourself dependent on others you all should raise your choice, confidence, your freedom and more importantly you all should “STRENGTHEN YOUR SOUL” so that the fear dies and your identity rises up and people get the chance to know you…

So Get The F…ING Fear out of your LIFE…


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