Things to know about your relationship

Relation today is something that matters a lot for youngsters. Today maximum percentage of boys and girls are in single as some need support, some for true love and some for time pass so to show their status in public. But many of the relation doesn’t last long because in enjoying both the partners  forget that there are some things that holds them in tight knot and if they don’t pay attention on those then they instead of sharing same path will sooner walk on their own path with the ghost of partner.


So to avoid this you all should need to know things about your relation.

  1. Comfort. One should find out whether his/her partner is comfortable in an event or not. It is because many get too involved in enjoyment that they forget the comfortable level of their partner.Stages-of-Comfort-in-a-Relationship
  2. Understanding. It plays a vital role in the relationship. The relation needs it because without it you may enjoy it but never go far on the road of the relation. It is mainly important for those who try hard to live their life with their partner and share life for lifetime.understanding in relationship
  3. Trust. It is the base of any relation as every relation starts with the truth. If you have started your relation with a lie then you should confess it as soon as possible if you are afraid to lose him/her. To be in a relation without a lie is difficult but as all say “To come in a relation it is easy but to maintain its integrity it is the toughest part of it”.trust in relationship
  4. Physical Relation. It’s the most important need in a relation because it brings two souls closer. But the most important thing is that if your partner is uncomfortable then you must cement your steps in that feeling. It is usual feelings in males but if your partner is afraid of that then you don’t. Because against her desire will diminish the respect you gained from her.physical
  5. Respect. It is been well said that “To gain respect it takes lots of time but to break it takes only one mistake and a second.” It is necessary to keep constant because the moment you lost it your relation becomes one sided until and unless he/she finds someone better than you.respect in relationship
  6. Likes and Dislikes. After spending time with the partner everyone got the access to know the likes and dislikes. It is not that important but to give surprise, bring smile on your partner face, to make him/her overcome the past it is important as it help in deviating the mind. One smile can change the way of living of any relation.
  7. Care. Every girl desires that she get someone who cares more than her parents because after marriage she gives herself to her husband and his family. Relation without care will only bring pain and unhappiness in it. A girl can only expect from his partner but cannot teach him about how to do care because the care comes from the way of love you do.EmilysQuotes.Com-love-relationship-care
  8. Support. As time keeps on running and life is full of surprises and nobody knows when they gonna need support in those condition where everyone leaves in darkness. So support your partner in every condition in any means because love second name is “Support”.holdinghands support
  9. Time. Relation is all about Time because the more time two hearts spend together more the relation get stronger and more strong the relation is no external darkness can apart the love birds.time
  10. Love. The relation without love is like a body without soul, world without air, morning without sun, night without moon etc. The more one give love to his/her partner, less the time they take to become two bodies with one soul. Everybody must be aware about Shah Jahan and Mumtaz, Heer-Ranjha and Romeo-Juliet love stories; they all are the inspiration of love. Love freely without thinking about the others and love madly so that you become example like these famous personalities became.


So to make your relation strong you should get to know all these points. Don’t be afraid after coming in a web of love because the most beautiful thing god has made.


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