The man who has no inner peace is slave to the surrounding

Inner peace is composed from two different words i.e. “Inner” which means “Inside” and “Peace” means “Freedom from disturbance”. When these two come together they make beautiful word which defines “State of mind and soul at serenity with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong from stress”. The “God Buddha” is the constructor of inner peace. Inner peace is as beautiful as like a shining pearl but to have it you have to dive deep in the ocean, same is with inner peace because to have it you should have strong dedication, mind at peace without any distraction. Today the world is getting restless with every passing time and to maintain the rhythm of one’s life a man should have an Inner Peace. But then also after knowing about all a man is a slave to the surrounding. Today as always man falls into two categories “Slave and free man”. Man who doesn’t give themselves two-third of a day becomes slave to the surrounding. Surrounding is nothing but the evil souls surrounding you in their trap so that they can make you do what they want.


Inner Peace is linked with the Inner Soul. Those who sell their inner peace ultimately become the Puppet of the society. With the ongoing development of the world the life of a man is also on a track of the same. But as a man moves forward in his life the need and demand of it is becoming like an Infinite Universe whose end is not known to anyone. When a man wake up from a dream and move to his daily work he compare himself with the person above him and then the only he remember is the comparison. Shannon L. Alder had said “The moment you stop comparing yourself to others because it undermines your worth, education and your parent’s wisdom” and these are truly said because now every single person compares himself with the other. With everyday comparison he slowly and slowly enters in the world of the darkness where he is the body under the control of the dark spirit. The youngsters are the best example of it. When a boy who thinks that drinking and smoking is not good for the health but when he comes in a group in which the enjoyment of life starts with smoking and drinking and ends with it he will say no once, twice and thrice but with continuous encounter one day that boys with his morals will finally try it once not because he changes his rules but because the environment set by that group brings his inner peace in the darkness where he can’t feel it and finally become slave to them. If we talk about the girls, every girl is the “Beauty with Brain” but with the comparison the brains doesn’t listen to them and the beauty will finally become the major reason for becoming the slave. Dalai Lama said “Do not let the behavior of others destroy your Inner peace.” Inner peace is must and comes the moment you don’t allow others to control you, your morals, your soul and your life. Your Personality development is the most important because Personality develops where comparison leaves off so “Be unique, be memorable, be confident and be proud”. Why to become slave of the society when you have the capability to bring them on their knees. Life is all about second chance but if a man destroys his inner peace into pieces mirror then the god will also refuse to give you the second chance. A man is filled with anger, jealousy and other negative feelings but these feelings will never get a man on the right path, it will always lead him to the path with unknown goal.

Today as man grows older he spends his most of the time in doing a Puppet role. Nobody knows that whether we are lucky to take rebirth in humanity so if you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future and if you are at peace then you are at peace. John Chrysostum had quoted “Happiness can only be achieved by looking inward & learning to enjoy whatever life has and this requires transforming greed into gratitude.” Therefore practicing meditation for a minute will help you regain your inner peace and will ultimately helps you to make you a free man.


To conclude with the topic a man is not a slave till he listens his mind, feels his heartbeat and don’t let his soul die. Inner peace is not a tough thing because it is already situated deep inside your body; one’s used to see it to get above from the world evil spirit society. A man should follow the steps set by the God Buddha on the sand.


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