Equality is everyone’s right

Is living, sharing, and loving the person with different caste and color who feel the same for us wrong?? If that is not correct then why the youngsters are stopped to share their life with them? The reason behind is because what the society think makes the parent think the same about it. Clive Barker said “Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we’re opened, we’re red.” But the laws and religion made by the government and the people’s respectively have separated us from the people’s of same blood. Man can be strong like a lion and can be a weak like cow. The inner peace can be achieved by us if we have inner soul which most of us sold it to the surrounding in their influence. For example in Haryana “Honor killing” is the most vulnerable thing we have listened, why? Because the youngsters of same blood want to live together and share their life with each other but the caste of both the youngsters comes between in both of them the youngsters are killed brutally by those people’s. It’s not because that what the youngsters did was wrong but because the society of the Haryana influence the people and plays with their mind that marriage in different religion, society and the caste is against their pride. The moment you realize the ghost of your ancestors stood between you and the person you loved. They really don’t want you mucking up the family line with someone that acts anything less than honorable.

Today we are giving the chance to the surrounding to make us their slave because we don’t have inner peace, we don’t listen to ourselves and love to listen them. This lacking of the inner peace is making all of us weak and made us living our life-like a prisoner who have thoughts in their mind but feared to bring it on our tongue and speak loudly. If we compare other countries and their progress with us we only see that they are far away from us because every single man lives his/her life and carrying him to the top of the world. There no one feared for presenting his views to other because neither do they listen to the surrounding nor they are a slave of them. In India helping the beggar and sitting with the low status people they say “Neechi Jati valon ke sath baithna aur batein karna acha nahi hota”. It’s not because that they all don’t want to help them but is because they belongs to low-caste and do not match with their status in the society. The more precise reason for this is because they all care more about the surrounding than the man who need help. 

Today everyone are out on the street fighting for the equality and freedom from the imprisonment of castes and this is not shocking the blood which was boiling at its peak point is now have erupted now like a volcano… We all are free in this country and we all have the right to marry, love and help anyone and has most important it’s are right to ask for the equality of education in every  child whether for the poor or for those who are sleeping with the money besides them… I would like to close it with the quote “It’s not the path the society and government have made for us but it’s us who make the path and set the target so take what is  your and don’t feared anyone coming between your target”..


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