Dream That Lead To Hell

The day was shiny with the temperature at its peak and the sun was punishing like hell… As I walked down the road the drop of sweat travels down from my forehead and slowly and slowly touched my lips giving the salty taste. My legs were tired and were slowing down step by step creating the dragging sound on the road. I sat down under the shadow of the tree, took out the bottle from my bag and took the sip of the water and making my lips feels cold… I took out the photo of the girl whose name was Sanjana remind me that I still have to go little far from the point I am right now. As I keeps on moving one man was going in the same direction of mine. I stopped him and asked for Sanjana and in response he looked at me like I was in the “Most Wanted” criminal list… I asked him the address of her and he guided me the path.

As I reached Sanjana’s home lots of people were around her house wearing the white saree and were crying louder and louder. I stepped inside the house and asked for the Sanjana’s Mother and after that what I saw was shocking for me because the women who was important for me died previous night.. Tears rolled down from my eyes and my hand was trembling and all my hope was shattered in just one second… Then Sanjana’s Mausi came towards asked me my identity and about my intention for coming their… I told her that I was there to know about Sanjana and as I took Sanjana’s name she became so angry like she was nothing for them…

After two hours when all the people were gone I went towards her and asked her about the reason for her anger and then she started her narration about her…

Sanjana was born with the intelligence, excellence and the god gifted mind like no-one in their village had ever got… She was beautiful from the childhood, naughty, sensitive, too caring and damn serious for her mother… Her father left both of them because her mother doesn’t gave birth to the boy and so her grandmother and grandfather left both of them alone in that village… Sanjana’s mother grew her, take care of her every need and did day and night work so that she can study and excel in her school and fulfill the dream that her mother had saw for Sanjana… After Sanjana achieved her top rank in her school she took the step of going to Mumbai so that she can study further and can get the best job so that she can proof her father and his family that not only boys but the girls can also do that no boys can do…

After she completed her graduation she started searching for the job but she wasn’t able to find it because getting job in the media line was next to impossible for the middle class person… After getting tired for searching her dream to be fulfilled she met one person in the bar who convinced her about the job with the great income and from that moment she was little relaxed because their was hope after a long time in her eyes… After thinking about that man and her mother who was just hoping for Sanjana’s job she went to the address where she was called and that area was “Red Light” area… Sanjana was an innocent girl who doesn’t know much about that and she keeps on moving her feet towards the hell about she was not familiar.

There she met that guy in the bar and then both shake their hands and Sanjana followed her where he was taking her. After she reached there she was shocked and shattered because what she saw there was impossible and unbelievable to believe and even to forget about that… She ran from their as fast as possible crying, exhausted and trembled and sat on the chair beside the road. There she thought about what she had done and keeps on crying but after a long time she went to that place and accepted the job thinking that by not knowing her job she will keep her mother happy and will fulfill all her needs and complete her dreams what she sacrificed for her daughter…

Five years passed away and Sanjana became “The Top Prostitute” but each and every day she blame herself and cry for a long time because what she fame she wanted in her life had given her the fame what she didn’t want to take it. This fame each and every day was killing her making her more unemotional person in her own eyes. Whenever she looks at her back in front of the mirror she only use to see the reflection of the girl without any soul in her. She became too rich that there was nothing that she wishes and she can’t buy but then also from inside she was sad…

Ding don Ding dong the bell of the sound tingles in the ear of Sanjana but she was drunken, her makeup was cleared from her face that and hardly she was able to frame what was going around her. She walked towards the door trembling in the drunken gait, opened the door and took the letter from the postman. She threw the letter away and got busy in finishing the bottle of alcohol… In the morning when she woke up her head was in pain, burning and red eyes got up from the bed and went on the drawing room where she saw the letter she received yesterday night.. She opened the letter in which it was written that her mother was sick and she wants her besides her. After she read that letter she ran in every corner of her home packing her bag but suddenly she mobile phone rang and after reading the message she wasn’t able to go on that day… After two days when she visit her mother she was wrecked from inside and shocked after seeing that her mother is dead she just sat down beside her mother’s photo and start crying loudly and start blaming her that because of her “Hell like Work” she wasn’t with her mother in her last moment of her life… From that moment she decided that till the day when her body became too weak that she can’t bear any other evil thing which she doing she will do her work… Every passing day she cries and bears new mark on her body, she blames herself for not being with her mother and after one month she passed away… She was just 49 year old when she died…

After listening whole story I was just shocked and cried for a long time and so Sanajana’s mausi… I started packing my bags and while leaving the house only one questions arises,

Who are you and what is your relation with her??

I turned back with the red eyes, crying holding Sanjana and her mother photo answered “I am Siddharth and the girl who you used to hate was “My Mother” because I am “Sanjana’s Son”…


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