That Night Like Never Before

Ding dong ding dong… The bell rang on my door. I was half naked, eyes swollen, tears are dried leaving behind the marks on my cheeks and hairs are all around scattered on my face… I wore the slipper and walk 2wards the door and opened the door… Their was a parcel for me from Delhi. As I torned the envelope I was shocked, my feet trembled, tears again came back from my eyes and rolled down my cheeks again..
I got up fast from my bed and packed my bags as fast as possible, got my ticket booked and left for the marriage…
I just can’t let my mind got away from the wedding card where I saw name
of my life Aaliyah…

As the train started it’s engine and the made the sound of it’s engine my heart beats and started catching the beats of train engine… This journey will be my most longest journey of my life…
Aaliyah the girl who just eneterd my life on a first sight when I saw her in my college. Long hair, green top, accelerated breathing looking like she had lost her path and searching for it, eyes were glittery in which the passion for getting her dream can be clearly ruled out… As she sat down besidea the cent from her body travelled through my to my heart and got settled… That day it made me feel like heaven where I had easily got my princess who is truly the masterpiece of the god with lots of beauty, cuteness, patience, passion…
It took me complete one year to show my feeling towards her… That night we both went for a walk. I got the rose secretly without letting her know… I ran as fast as Usain Bolt and thought that I had breaked the record and stood in front of her… I sat on my knee, calm my heartbeat, looked into her eyes and slowly and steadily brings the rose in front of her… She stared me surprised, mouth open and was continuously looking me like I was teasing her. Then I said I Love You and was waiting for my answer… She held my hand and atod me up and hugged me tightly and slightly whispered in my ears I Love You and we both walked holding each other hand…
We both loved each other, cried both 2gether, bunked class and njoyed our life together like never before…


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