Girls: Strong or Weak

As the times keeps moving without any pause and not letting us think anything even for a second has turned the world upside down and continuously changing the lifestyle of the present world…

As the night grows dark the fear in the eyes of every girl and the heartbeat of every parents waiting for their girls keeps on increasing… Why not?? Today when any girl walks on the street she just pray to the god that she reach her home safely… the night has gone when the husband-wife, couples, parents with their daughters walk around the street and enjoying their happy moments together because today the girl on the street is like “The public property” where anyone can touch her, embarrass her, tease her etc…

Pehle jab society, parents, family ek ladki hone par apne ghar ki “Lakshmi” ko marte the, koshte they voh time shayad jyada acha tha aaj k time se kyunki tab kam se kam parents ko and unki betiyon ko voh embarrassment toh nahi hoti jo aaj har corner mei har ghar mei har society mei milti hai kyunki tab voh birth leti he nahi thi… Aur aaj jab hum unko iss duniya mei late hain tab bhi koi kuch nahi bolta.. Ya toh aaj unk puche bina hum unka baal vivah kara dete hain, toh dusre k gharon mei kaam karne k liye bhej dete hain aur agar in sabse bach jati hain toh aaj kuh log apni havas, pyas bhujanae k liye unka istamal karte hain… Kyun aisa hota hain ki ek ladki ko he weak samjha jata hai balki aisa nahi hai kyunki ghar ki beizzati, society ki batein, maar khana, apni zindagi na jeekar dusron k liye sacrifice karna yeh sari cheezein har ladki ko har ladk se jyada strong banati hain… If I am wrong then just prove me wrong…

we think our Government strong enough thinking that anything that happens in our society they will take care of them but that’s never happened because many cases had arrived in the court, in the police station but none action had taken by the police or the judge or the govt. that we elect in every 5 years… Then what’s the point of electing the govt. if they are not answerable to the problems of their people and the act going against very girls and women in the house and outside on the street… 

Just think u all of u and reply me your views on this…molestation-b-16-3-2013


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